Working with a Designer. Part One: Why hire a designer?

bus card backHave you wished for a stunning space like you’ve seen in magazines? Do you want your small business to make more of an impression on your customers? Have you spent years collecting furniture and accessories that you loved in the store, only to be dissatisfied with the total outcome of your space? Do you keep your style simple and boring for fear that you’ll make a mistake?

When was the last time you were in a luxurious hotel lobby, a stylish restaurant or a friend’s new kitchen that really impressed you? Do you suppose the design happened on accident? 99% of the time, it was the vision and experience of a professional designer who created that masterpiece.

If you have the impression that Interior Designers are only appropriate for the affluent and pretentious, please allow me to persuade you otherwise. Just like any other contractor, Designers are professionals. Instead of being experts in one building system (plumbing, electrical) or one furnishing specialty (drapery or furniture), Designers are professionals who are educated and experienced in ALL building systems and in ALL furnishings. Interior Design is the art of creating environments and the science of managing time and budgets. We use all of our previous experience, all that we learned in four years of specialized curriculum, and that special intangible gift we have for taking the personalities and needs of the people who will use the space. We balance the big picture and the small details. We manage budget, schedule, contractors and everyone’s feelings while making sure our clients’ dreams come true.

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