Chinese Architecture

Many thanks to our intern, Katie McGuire for another thoughtful article.

It’s no secret that Asia is home to some of the most innovative and impressive architectural structures today. Asia is a continent and therefore cannot be explored fully in one blog, of course, so today let’s just look at some inspiring pieces from China. But before we get to the good part, you might be wondering, what does interior design have to do with architecture? How does it relate, and why can’t one be substituted for the other? Well, intelligently planned architecture and interior design definitely function hand in hand, but it is possible and dare I say common, to have one without the other. It is not unusual to find a beautiful architectural structure with terrible outdated interior design, and vice versa.  I would hazard to say that one of the biggest differences between architecture and interior design is the aspect of time. Interior design is much more fluid than architecture. It depends on high fashion and relates directly to current style. Architecture seems to have more of a timeless aspect. The trends are longer and will be repeated and improved on in the following decade or so. While this is true, interior design does seem to ride the coattails of new architectural trends, although the trends are much more varied within the 10 year time spans. However, in order for an occupiable structure to be aesthetically pleasing to all it needs both. Some would say that interior design can be sacrificed if the architecture is designed well enough, but that is simply not true. If architecture is the bones of the body, interior design is the muscles, skin and organs. The body will not function without all the parts.

But now back to China. I know you all want to look at some fantastic structures, and I won’t disappoint. First let’s look at the Eco Bridge in the Chonqing mountain area. Its long and sinuous lines evoke feelings of movement and fantasy. The design was implemented by Taranta Creations

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