With Principal Designer and owner Lena G. Samuelson at the helm, D2D Studio has become a premier Denver-based interior design boutique, lauded by both cutting-edge clients and caring corporations for the grace with which they transform shelters into shrines of style and serenity. Lena was born in snow-crusted Fairbanks, Alaska, but grew tall in sun-kissed San Diego. After coming of age in the Golden State, she moved east and attained her BA in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado. While in college, she studied abroad at the American Intercontinental University in London, and allowed her research to take her through Spain, Belgium, France, and a slew of other European countries, time that honed her edge for aesthetics. With the vibrant hues of Northern Spain and the winding labyrinths of London still echoing in her memory, Lena passed the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam in October, 2008, after five months of studying and two days of testing. Then she slept.

Before D2D Studio, Lena interned at Design Works and cut her teeth on projects at Burk Design Group. She designed and project-managed for residential, retail, hospitality, and automotive industry clients. She also designed extensive residential millwork, including wine rooms, entertainment centers, cabinets, and closets, adding unique details to homes and living spaces by utilizing a wealth of classic and exotic woods.

Lena believes that space planning is the most critical element of design, and she puts faith in the conviction that form should follow function. She’s enlivened by contemporary works of art, furniture design, and sculpture, and she finds herself incorporating bursts of bliss into her designs by way of wall coverings, pillows, and art pieces. Both personally and professionally, she operates from the perspective that the visually pleasing and the seamlessly practical are simultaneously attainable. In her slivers of free time, Lena plays with and cooks for her two young sons. She lives in Denver, where she assuages her ocean-front homesickness by eating copious amounts of sushi.


Interior Designer Jordan Almquist first arrived as an Intern at D2D Studio, and Lena was brainy enough to hire her when she graduated from the Art Insititute of Colorado with her BA in Interior Design in 2013. Jordan is a Colorado native, nurtured as a wee babe by the Colorado sun and the public schools in the suburb of Northglenn. She took classes in pottery, photography and all manner of art, where she honed her eye for composition and color. Jordan brings a keen eye for final details (she often must straighten art Lena has hung) and stunning drawing and rendering skills to our small team. She also keeps a critical eye on contractors working for our clients, to make sure our design intentions are realized.

Jordan is convinced that as design professionals, we must follow the Elements & Principles of Design, but that just as important to a designs’ success is following our instincts. She is sparked by objects of natural beauty made of agate, geode, and petrified wood. She dispenses brilliant design ideas at every stage of every project. When Jordan isn’t slaving away in the office, she works on her mastery of cooking and baking, and she and her husband spend as much time as possible rafting and camping.