Lighting for Mood

lighting blogLighting can transform your mood. How do you usually feel on a sunny day? Happy? Peaceful? With dark shadows and strong contrasts of light around you, you are more prone to feeling well. What about cloudy, gray days? Or even entire days spent under the cold cast of fluorescent office lighting? When the light is basically even all around you, with very soft and few shadows or contrast, we tend to feel down, tired, or even lazy.

Overhead surface mounts in many of our rooms give the same even light as a gray day. You can add good mood to your home or workplace by adding some shadow and contrast.

First, think about creating shadows. You create shadows by directing strong light toward interesting elements in the room. Wall textures, plants, out of the ordinary objects or art. Add wall sconces on a dimmer, which can direct up, down or both. Wall sconces break up the monotony of a long hallway, and can add romantic ambiance to a dining room or bedroom.

Second and finally, add sparkle! Chandeliers with dripping crystals, mini-holiday lights, or rope lighting above the kitchen cabinetry all add that touch of drama that makes us feel marvelous. Candlelight is also an excellent atmosphere enhancer. By varying the light levels, and adding shadow and sparkle, you will feel the difference immediately. Go forth and light up your home!



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