Dried Decor

Grab your favorite mode of transportation and get yourself to the nearest field, meadow or bike path (if you’re in NYC, Central Park could substitute!) This time of the year is pure inspiration for all things monochromatic, the palatte of summer fading into fall, featuring textural layering of size, shape, and surface. Artists and designers spend years trying to recreate this very same technique–because nature does it so stunningly. Admire nature’s hand as you view the feathery fields and their waving golden grasses, popped dandelion pods, crispy ragweeds fading yellow to brown, knobby stalks of drying thistles, fallen leaves, and crumpled leaves. Your day will be even more spectacular if you’ve managed to have a bold, blue sky as a backdrop.

Make sure your backpack has a camera, scissors and a large plastic bag to collect these soft-hued specimens to arrange on your dining table, in vases, or on trays. You can thank us after your adventure.

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