Designer Tip: Arc Lamps

One of our favorite lighting options for living areas is the arc lamp. Arc lamps are great for several reasons:

1. They provide better light than standing or side lamps. An arc lamp shade sits above a couch or chair and provides ample light. A table lamp can only light one side or corner of your couch. Even a larger floor lamp only provides either upwards or downwards light to a small space. In contrast, the arc lamp sits over your seating and provides full, warm light to everyone.

2. Arc lamps fill space that usually is left unoccupied. Arc lamps are interesting to look at and fill the space above furniture in a way that is unique and contemporary. This adds new depth to the space.

3. Arc lamps are spacially convenient. The base of an arc lamp hides behind large furniture while still providing great light and an interesting element of decor to any space.

See how D2D used an arc lamp to brighten up this contemporary living room: smullen 1 beforesmullen 1

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