Project Management

D2D Studio provides full-service consultation and care for any venture you have in mind. We project manage each phase of the undertaking, from inception through execution. We accept bids from, hire, and manage sub contractors, including painters, millworkers, cabinet craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, and artisans. This affords us the ability to tackle any task required by […]

Lighting Design

Often overlooked, lighting affects the subconscious in a powerful way. If implemented appropriately, it redirects focal points, sets mood, and even provides a room with lifelike emotion.  At D2D Studio, our intent is to harness lighting’s power so that we can effectively add visual depth and warmth to your space. We do so by layering […]

Furnitures and Finishes

Choosing complimentary furniture shapes, textures, and colors gives a room its form. At D2D Studio, we believe that every minute detail contributes to the big picture. Finish selection, the right edge on a custom fireplace, the swoop of a chair, or the proper bricolage of kitchen and bath tile, it’s all important. We know when […]

Space Planning

The success of a room depends on the harmonious unity of several elements. From foundation (or layout) to furnishings, no ingredient is unimportant. A well-planned space draws people in on a visceral level, making everything within feel natural, like it always belonged. Achieving this seemingly-organic alliance of form and function is no simple undertaking. At […]

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