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Nature Inspired Designs

By Katie McGuire, D2D Studio Intern Why is it that humans desire so strongly to connect with nature? It is fall here in Colorado, and usually the trees will have shed their leaves by now due to the early frosts we are prone to in the mile high city. This year, though, we have been […]

Eclectic Fusion

Those who know me well would call my personal style Eclectic Fusion. For years I called it Asian Fusion, a term that I hadn’t heard of until after Y2K, but knew in my heart and soul since I was a child. My Grandma Stella has been decorating her home in Asian Fusion style since at […]

D2D Studio’s new friend, Brad

Captivating creativity! I become excited every time I befriend an artist. I have recently befriended a local creator, Brad Weiman, President of Concrete Seven. He and his crew magically build furniture, custom countertops & sinks, and just about ANYTHING I CAN DREAM UP!  I recently commissioned him to build a custom console table for my […]