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Completed Project: Author’s Home office

    My client is a dating coach, matchmaker and best-selling author. She spends many hours writing for magazines and online publications when she’s not on the phone speaking to her clients. She required an abundance of countertop space for her piles of papers and a luxurious chair for the hours she spends on the […]

Residential Drapery Rules

Do you decorate your home with draperies or curtains? How do you choose the fabrics for your draperies? Do you follow a set of residential drapery rules or just go with your personal choice of colors and design? In the real world of interior design, there are rules to follow when designing draperies for your home. Residential Drapery […]

Is Interior Design Superficial?

Is Interior Design superficial? Interior Design is definitely NOT superficial to me. Design is bringing environmental psychology into a space in order to create more efficiency, create multi-use spaces, create the right kind of feeling in spaces for their intended tasks, etc. I create rooms where teenagers like the space enough to spend time with […]